Landing a Tech Internship

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Internships are a great way to get introduced to a company. You can make connections, and demonstrate job skills and can-do attitude. This can open the door for full time employment either in that same company, or at other companies in the industry. 

Internship Tips

  • Start early. Typically, companies post their Summer internship positions in the Fall of the prior calendar year. Make sure you plan in advance. 

  • Network! You may have a friend, a cousin or a distant acquaintance working in a great company. Ask! Getting your resume in front of the right people is the biggest challenge. If you can get past that, you would have a good chance.

  • Check online resources - we list a few of them here:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile. List your educational qualifications, accomplishments, projects, volunteer experience, etc.

  • Put time and effort. Make a compelling resume - listing all your accomplishments. Make sure you have acquired skills that are in demand in the industry - including programming skills, etc.

  • Prepare for the interview. Find out ahead of time what type of questions are expected. Do put forward your best professional appearance and manners. 

  • Demonstrate that you are a team player. Technical skills are important - no doubt, but 'soft skills' - i.e. how you get along, take input, work in a team setting, etc. are equally important. 

  • Have fun! Internship is about getting you job experience. It may or may not lead to something big, but hey, you at least enjoy the ride.